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Award Categories


There are 4 categories in the TAA.

Fair and Progressive Employment Practices

The Fair and Progressive Employment Practices category recognises organisations with fair and responsible workplace and people practices, that proactively cultivate an inclusive culture and consciously build strong employee relations. These organisations are future-looking and constantly scan the external environment to assess and anticipate the potential impact on the business and workforce.

Work-Life Excellence

The Work-Life Excellence category recognises organisations with work-life strategies that effectively maximise employee performance while supporting them in managing their responsibilities and aspirations outside of work. These organisations embrace work-life harmony as part of their talent strategy and reap benefits such as higher employees engagement, improved retention rates and employee productivity.

Age Inclusive Practices

The Age Inclusive Practices category recognises organisations that have actively and effectively implemented age-friendly workplace practices, removing barriers to employment and allowing a multi-generational workforce to thrive. The result of implementing such practices includes increase in competitiveness and productivity of the organisation and access to a wider talent pool.

Responsible Best Sourcing

The Responsible Best Sourcing category recognises organisations that recognises its extended workforce as contributors to their business success.  These organisations outsource in a responsible manner by considering the employment practices of potential service providers during evaluation process, safeguarding the employment rights of its extended workforce and providing them with a safe and inclusive work environment.  

To recognise the contributions of individuals in exemplary employment practices, organisations can also nominate individuals for the Leadership and/or Workplace Advocate Awards in each of these categories.

The Leadership Award recognises senior management (Directors and above) who have made exceptional contributions in the category with their deep commitment and outstanding leadership to create an inclusive workplace.

The Workplace Advocate Award recognises middle management and supervisors who have been effective contributors and change agents and have successfully operationalised and enabled their organisation’s strategies, plans and initiatives in the category.

Nomination is optional and not having a nominee will not impact the organisation’s standing in the category.