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  • Q1 What is the TAA?
    Q2 Who is in the judging panel for the Award?
    Q3 Are all organisations eligible to participate in this TAA?
    Q4 How do I participate in the TAA?
    Q6 Why do I have to adopt the Tripartite Standards?
    Q7 Can organisations participate in more than one category?
    Q8 If my organisation was a winner in an earlier TAA (2018 or 2021), can I still participate in other category(ies) for TAA 2023?
    Q9 How many award winners will there be? Is there a limit to the number of winners?
  • Q10 What are the benefits of participating in the TAA?

    Recipients of the TAA are recognised as employers of choice with fair, responsible and progressive practices.

     The winners will:

    • Be presented with an award trophy;
    • Receive a report on the results of the Employee Opinion Survey for each shortlisted award category, which will allow the organisation to better understand their employees’ sentiments in these areas;
    • Enjoy extensive media coverage and offered the opportunity to be featured in publications and newsletters;
    • Be allowed to use the award logo for recruitment and publicity purposes; and
    • Be invited to network with thought leaders and business leaders to share their exemplary practices.
  • Q11 What is the application timeline?
    Q12 How do I nominate my employer for the TAA?
    Q13 Is there an application fee for the TAA?
    Q14 What is the award assessment process?
    Q15 Why must participating organisations complete the Fair & Progressive Employment Index (FPE Index)?
    Q16 Who needs to complete the questionnaire on human capital practices?
    Q17 What are the assessment criteria for the TAA?
    Q18 What should I include in the application form, and is there a time period for which the fair, responsible and progressive employment practices are assessed?
    Q19 What if further supporting documents are required? How much notice is given for the organisation to submit these documents?
    Q20 The application form collects information on the other awards that my organisation has received and other national initiatives we have been involved in. Why do you only look back at the last 2 years for these awards?
    Q21 The application form has a section on Leadership and Workplace Advocate. Is this mandatory?
    Q22 How are the Leaders and Workplace Advocates judged?
  • Q23 Are all organisations required to host a site visit?
    Q24 When will the site visits be conducted and how much notice is given to the shortlisted organisation?
    Q25 How long will each site visit take and what is required by the organisations?
    Q26 How will the Employee Opinion Survey (EOS) be administered and how many employees are expected to participate?
  • Q27 Who can I contact if I have further questions about the TAA?

    Please email [email protected] if you have further questions about the TAA.