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Tripartite Alliance Award (TAA) 2023 Logo Usage Guidelines

1.1. Tripartite Alliance Award (TAA) 2023 logo, a direct representative of its identity, should be applied in accordance with the guidelines, at all times.

1.2. When using the logo, observe the proper placement and alignment in all materials. Ensure that the scale is in proportion to the entire logo. When restricted to a small area, the minimum logo size should be 13.75mm (W) x 15mm (H).

1.3. There should always be a clear space maintained all around the logo, regardless of application or background colour. It is to ensure maximum visibility and legibility of the logo.

1.4. The full-colour version is the preferred version of the TAA logo. Whenever possible, position the full-colour version on a white or light-coloured background. Refer to the following Colour Guide for reference.

Tripartite Alliance Award 2023 - Colour Guide

Minimum Clearance and Size

1.5. To ensure maximum visibility and legibility, the minimum clear space required surrounding the logo is defined by 'x' which corresponds to the height of the numeral '2023'.

1.6. Refer to the following illustration of full-colour and black-colour logo, which should be adopted exactly for relevant usage without deviation of colour and typeface. The logo graphic and text title should be used together, as a full logo representation at all times.

Application On A Light Background

Application On A Dark Background

1.7. The TAA logo can be used in the TAA winners' corporate publicity materials such as their website, advertisements, brochures and namecard.

Colour Palette

1.8. To retain the integrity of the logo identity, the visual representation should remain consistent. When working in different mediums, the colour specification will be different. Follow the specification supplied to maintain consistency.